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Be a Blessing

Have you ever prayed for a blessing, some encouragement, a sign? Have you ever felt that you received an answer?

I have done both. I think that asking for something is something we do on a regular basis, and receiving an answer or a blessing is sometimes a matter of time and interpretation. But what I think is most important is to BE a blessing.

*Image by which also has some great things you can sign up for to get daily encouragement.

Someone in your life or that you will cross paths with somehow has prayed for a blessing or asked for an answer, help, a sign, a reason to continue; and YOU could be the answer.

*Thanks to HuffPost, my granddaughter Paisley, and Meals on Wheels for these photos.

I am not trying to be scary, and I'm not saying that being a blessing is a hard thing. I am saying that all of the little things you do could be and are a blessing to someone else. Maybe it's something obvious like making a donation box for the local food pantry or the Christmas Samaritan ministry, picking something up that someone dropped and returning it to them, but it could also be a phone call, a card, a purchase to a small business, making chalk drawings with a child, or feeding the birds. There are so many things that we all do every day, but you may never see what that little act meant to someone - the sound of your voice might uplift a person more than a text, your purchase may be the only one a business received all week, a child might be lonely for human interaction, the birds you feed might delight the next passerby who is depressed or anxious.

The actual God does not take physical form on the Earth, but His children do.

WE have the arms to hug, hands to wave or make a meal, mouths to smile or give words of encouragement, legs to help move someone in the direction they need to go. You are a godsend to some one, and I just wanted to acknowledge that, thank you, and encourage you to keep up the good work!

Know that God sees you, hears you, and is proud of you.

Be Blessed my friends! - Tara

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Yes, yes, YES! ...and I get to feel good about me🎉

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