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Yay for May!

Hi y'all! I LOVE May! It is kind of like January to me - a new season and all it brings - changes in weather, school, food (freshly grown hopefully) and family activities. And if you're like many people any resolutions you made in January might need some tuning up.

Evening Primrose

So let's kick off this wonderful new month with some new goals/resolutions. Mid-year resolutions to me are more short-term and attainable for things like self-care, family vacation/fun time, home projects, or just things that maybe we can do again (like going to restaurants) with the world coming back to life after Covid lockdown.

Looking Back . . .

I had hoped to have a better April, but life happened! I had a lot of shrimp business to do with my husband, finished only 1additional WIP from my list, did half my taxes, got fully vaccinated, participated in a quick business bootcamp, and started physical therapy because my neck basically locked up for some mysterious reason.

. . . and Moving Ahead

I am so ready for a reboot in May! For me that looks like:

  • Getting back to a daily schedule that works better - computer work in the early morning after my husband leaves (this is around 4 am). I am typically not able to sew at this time because my eyes can't focus yet, but I have plenty of computer work to do! Therapy at 7:30, run errands, and then sewing! My afternoon is dedicated to shrimp, housework, and husband. Then off to sleep usually between 8 and 9.

Custom acrylic art by my niece

  • Thanks to my business bootcamp, not only will I continue to try to get 8 hours of sleep, but drink more water, and eat better and more regularly. I tend to skip meals when it's just me. Does anyone else do that?

  • I plan on definitely getting some more WIPs scratched off my list - including those taxes (due May 17th)! That also includes a new free pattern and tutorial for you guys soon, plus a related new pattern release (YIPPEE)! And hopefully several other fun quilty things throughout the summer.

*More on this coming soon!

Summer is BIG shrimp work season. So I am not going to overextend myself with goals. Hopefully I can also eke out a few visits with extended family and grandbabies as well to round out my next few months.

A Few Additional Resources

If you feel motivated for a fresh seasonal start like I do, here are a few items from Pinterest that might help:

And of course I have more ideas on my boards (these are found in "Connections")

Hit the red Pin at the bottom of this page to get to my boards.


I'd love to hear if you get excited about a new season and have any new "summer" resolutions (or winter if your south of the equator). Tell me in the comments.

'Til next time - be blessed my friends,


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