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Celebrate National Jelly Roll Day!

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Did you know there is a super fun quilty "holiday" designed to celebrate 2.5" fabric strips? It's called "National Jelly Roll Day." I'm not sure it's actually on the official calendars, but in order to celebrate I am giving you a FREE quilt pattern appropriately called Streamers & Confetti.

This quilt is made using the Improvisational Method, so it is a little different. Really it means I do not dictate every measurement and color choice of the fabric piecing - especially in the confetti section. If you are ready for new quilting adventure and a quick quilt, click on the link below to download and/or print the pattern:

Streamers & Confetti FREE Pattern Downloadable
Download PDF • 782KB

I hope this is a FUN opportunity to make a quilt in a day and learn a new technique and/or it could also be a way to challenge yourself and grow as a quilter (and maybe as a person as well).

What do I mean? Well I am not that great at random quilt designs and non-structured designs usually.

I have quirks like I do not like it when the same fabric design in a different color touches. And I don't really like blocks of the same color to touch. I like even spacing between elements, so on and so forth. But when making this quilt, even when I try to "plan" the color placement and the spacing of confetti colors, patterns, and number of pieces, it doesn't go according to plan.

The great thing about this quilt pattern is that you will never know. Each unplanned change becomes a "happy accident" and a "Let Go and Let God" moment. Just like in our daily lives some folks live very spontaneously and others prefer a very structured life, but we are not in control. God is in control and directs our path to unseen places and unknown beauty just like any "mistakes" that may happen while you make this quilt.

So when you celebrate the jelly roll whether it is today or another day - enjoy the process and the mistakes in making this quilt, and follow where you are led and enjoy the beauty you find there.

I will be sharing tips and clips (pictures and/or videos) for visualizing the instructions on Instagram and Facebook (@polkadotpeepquiltsetc) on Saturday (9/17/22), but I will also do another post here for making this quilt next week.

I hope you have a great celebration in your part of the world as we all sew together!

Have a great day & Be blessed my friends!


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