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Cleaning from the Ground Up!

Hi friends! I hope you-re feeling more motivated, organized, and ready for summer! Are you ready for some inspiration and motivation to clean your floors, windows, and walls?

Windows, doors, and walls are not something that I clean very often. Once a year will probably do for except for removing cobwebs and things. This is also a good opportunity to deep clean items that you oft used surfaces like carpets and furniture. Plus I like less chemical versions of cleaners, so there are lots of options for those in these links!

Download your checklist for May below:

Cleaning Checklist - Bottoms Up
Download PDF • 184KB

Here are a few links for some great tips:

Most likely you are cleaning many of these surface on a regular basis, but here are a few links that might show you some new ideas, methods, or cleaners you can make at home. Enjoy & see more on my Pinterest boards!

Cleaning the walls quickly & effectively:

Good idea for cleaning tracks for windows and sliding doors:

Cleaning the windows inside & out:

A variety of carpet cleaning options:

Methods for cleaning your upholstered furniture after kids & pets:

As for me...

I have 2 furry friends that live in the RV with us, so I am going to try out a new carpet cleaning machine this week. I will share my review on Facebook and Instagram. My dogs aren't really mess-makers, but they are very hairy and one of them licks the carpet while he looks himself! (Insert eye roll - LOL) It doesn't look too bad, but it's slightly matted and could smell better. In my opinion, the new carpet cleaning machine can only improve the state of my carpet!

Use the hashtag #bottomsupcleaning on Instagram or Facebook to share and get support.

Many blessings & be well my friends!



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