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Gettin' Strippy - Sewing Tips

I hope you are all having fun making your quilts. If you are making the My Cup Runneth Over quilt - you are down to the last steps of construction - YAY!

On this pattern, we are making a strip set of three 2.5" strips. There is a center strip that is made of the "low-volume" prints in the collection of your choice, and then two strips that are solid or tonal of whatever you have decided is the "background" color. Before sewing, cut off the selvage ends to prevent any "oopsies."

**The terms "low-volume" and "background" in this pattern are relevant to the colors you choose - if you want blue as your background, then your low-volume would be a print on blue fabric or with a heavily blue print. Remember there are more background colors then white!

For the center strip, I suggested using 3 prints cut into 2.5" strips and cut at 19" in length. Simply join the 3 strips together in any order. I varied mine from set to set. You can join them in a simple straight joint by placing the strips right sides together, and sewing 1/4" from the edge. However, I recommend joining them with a slanted joint, like binding strips. I prefer this because I think it looks like one pattern flows into the other. I do describe this joining process in the pattern, but here are some visuals...(Right sides together & perpendicular, sew across the "A", trim & press open, barely visible & less bulky)

For the outer strips, this pattern states to sew all of the strips together using the same method, and then cut to size. You don't have to do it this way, but here is the why - remember I told you have idiosyncrasies...I don't like my joints to line up. So sew all the strips together, press your seams OPEN to make them almost invisible, and then cut to 54" long. You can dot this by using a measuring tape or folding a strip in half until it is 27" long and then cut. Once you make one you can just use it as a template/guide to cut the other strips needed.

Due of all of the angles, your tumbler strips will measure 53"-54" long, this is how long your strip sets should be also. To prevent wavy strips, I have two suggestions - PIN your strips! I don't pin that often, but this is important. Pin at both ends, and every couple of inches to keep them matched up , but not over-stretched. Second, sew your background strip onto the center strip going in alternating directions. The easiest way to accomplish this is have your center strip be on the top (or bottom) both times.

When your strip sets are complete, You can press your seams going outward from center, or inward, or both in the same direction. You might want to consider how you are going to quilt them to help you decide since the seam make that strip appear "puffier." And make sure after you press from the top, check the bottom and re-press any pieces that flipped.

I hope you're excited to be in the final stretch for completing your quilt top! I know I can't wait to see. You can share a progress shot on Facebook or Instagram and share with #mycuprunnethoverquilt or tag me @polkadotpeepquiltsetc

Tomorrow will be a brief overview of the final tips to put your rows together, sandwich, quilt, bind, and label.

Happy Sewing & Be Blessed! - Tara

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