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Going to Quilt Class - Things to Bring

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

You're going to a quilt/sewing class or retreat - YAY! It's great fun to learn and sew WITH other people.

You should get a prep list for your class with needed supplies, but just in case...

Don't forget these things:

1) Sewing Machine...and needed feet (and extra needles)

2) Pattern

3) Fabric

4) Thread

5) Bobbins

6) Seam Roller (or iron and mat if not provided at venue)

7) Scissors

8) Seam Ripper

9) Cutting System - Mat/Rulers/Rotary Cutter

10) Pins

Now these are generic supplies for a quilting class, if you are learning a specific skill or quilt, there may be specific other very important things to bring - make sure you check! If you are lucky, maybe your venue supplies some of these things - find out.

There are other things that you will probably appreciate as well - storage for your quilt-in-progress: a locking case, large sealable bag, or a tote.

Marking Tools are also pretty necessary - Frixion pens, hera markers, water- or heat-soluble pens.

Row or piece markers and wonder clips are essential items I use on every quilt as well.

And don't forget your glasses (if needed)!

But MY number 1 "must have" quilting tool is... cell phone camera! When I set something up to sew - a block, a row, a quilt top - if there is a chance for me to mess it up or forget which way it goes, I take a picture. This is also helpful for checking different layout options, color options, block orientations, and more. It's amazing to me how I can set everything up and look at it in my "real" space, but if I take a picture and look at it in a slightly distanced, smaller, all-encompassing view, it can look totally different. You can also send to your quilty friends for advice, tips, or votes.

Speaking of classes, I am teaching several classes this month at my local quilt shop for the Lovelight Quilt and quilting a row quilt with your walking foot or free-motion. I'd love for you to come join in if you are within traveling distance to Dickinson, TX! You can sign up at this link:

So have fun at your class or retreat, and I'd love to hear about what your learning and what you like to bring with you. Please leave me a comment and let me know.

Until next blessed,


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