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Hot Cocoa from the Heart

Today I have a fun recipe to share for homemade hot cocoa mix. It is so creamy and delicious, you only need to add hot water! It is a fun thing to do with kids who are home from school or to fill some of your spare time. Hot cocoa mix makes a great gift for family and friends and yourself - and I will share how to customize it!

The basic recipe came from a friend from long ago, but I have tweaked it a little bit. (Yes I do add my own spin to just about everything!) I have made this recipe for many years with siblings, parents, and children, and it's always fun to make and a well-received gift!

These ingredients are easy to find and are reasonably priced for the amount of gifting you can do and fun you can have. This recipe makes a LARGE batch, so you need a BIG bowl. You can also reuse most of the original packages for storage of mix (with some re-decorating or labeling) if you want to be more cost-effective, eco-friendly, or if you're not gifting it.

**Side note: Unfortunately some of the flavors I like are no longer made in a powdered creamer flavor, but you can make the recipe with the regular unflavored creamer and add the little liquid cups (like at restaurants) if you like.

I hope you enjoy this recipe and maybe have a fun new holiday tradition for your family! Come back and leave a comment - what flavors did you make?

Be Blessed & Happy Making! - Tara

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