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Let there be Cake!

Hi - today you get a double-share of goodies!

Several years ago, we started a new tradition in my family - Family Gatherings. As kids grow up, parents age, & more people join your family circle, it gets harder to align schedules and meeting places to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and just the joy of being together. We decided that once a month (or every other month) we would pick a day to celebrate everything that had (or was) happening that month. Then everyone could still have time to spend time with their in-laws and friends for celebrations as well. We eat, talk, play games, and have a wonderful, special time with each other. As this traditional time of year when families spend lots of time together nears, I hope this may give you some ideas on how to celebrate together, but safely - but also to spread that love and good times throughout the year!

This year, I started making this cake - "Not Your Mama's Fruit Cake" - and it was a big hit! So I have made it several times in different flavor combinations, Strawberry Lemonade, Autumn Peach, and Black Forest. This is one of my easy "tricked out" recipes using simple and healthy ingredients. You can tailor it to MANY flavor configurations - use fresh or canned fruit, light versions of cream cheese and whipped cream, and cakes that honor your dietary needs (allergies, keto, vegan). You can also make it ahead, so your meal prep isn't so stressful. I definitely see more versions in the future! Download the PDF below, and I hope you try it and share your flavor combo with us!

Not Your Mamas Fruit Cake Recipe
Download PDF • 257KB

Enjoy and share the love!

Be blessed - Tara

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