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Make the Starbrite Quilt

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

This fabulous quilt pattern is QUICK and EASY because it is made from a pre-printed panel from my new fabric collection - HST Addict. It is only 16 half-square triangles and a border to make this 66" square throw. It's a great size for picnics, beach, on the couch, or on the bed.

"That is my kind of quilt!" - M. Sealy

You know I love the half-square triangle block and this fabric line spotlights all the fun sewing notions: a sewing machine, iron, scissors, pincushions, thread spools, pins and needles, and stitches plus HSTs in chains and blocks. Within these prints are fun 30s reproduction-inspired prints which I used to make the blender prints in ALL the bright colors! Since these fabrics are digitally printed at Spoonflower and Raspberry Creek Fabrics there is no limit on my designs so each one is slightly different in scale or structure of the print - so NO two prints are exactly alike (LOVE this)!

Now I also wanted some easy options to go with the main fabrics so there are 2 "cheater" panels - the Quilt Block project panel AND the HST Galore panel which makes this quilt.

The Starbrite Quilt

You know the quilt patterns I designed to go with this fabric collection HAVE to highlight the half-square triangle! The great thing about the HSTs Galore panel is that it is made of smaller 3" HSTs so this quilt looks like you worked really hard making all those little triangles, but really you only made 16 extra large HST blocks!

Get the Pattern and the Fabrics

As a gift to celebrate this collection and my new fabric designing endeavors, you can get the FREE quilt pattern right here (click the link below to download):

Starbrite Quilt Pattern
Download PDF • 230KB

To make this quilt, you need 2 yards of panel, 2 yards of background, and 1 yard for the borders and a few hours to sew! The entire collection is available in my Polka Dot Peep Designs shops at both Spoonflower and Raspberry Creek Fabrics in a bunch of different fabric options and even pre-made items. (I will be writing another post about these 2 online shops very soon.)

  • For quilting, I prefer the petal signature cotton at Spoonflower, click link below:

  • And at Raspberry Creek, I choose the 42" Cotton Quilt Weight (under natural fabric), click this link below:

*I do make a small commission from your purchase of my fabrics - thank you so much!

For the background and border I went to my local quilt shop (LQS) and chose a white-on-white print and a solid pale gray (but you can choose any color and even a coordinating print from my line-YAY).

Tips for Making the Starbrite Quilt

The pattern is very straightforward since you are simply making half-square triangles. There are a few special things to note since you are using a panel.:

1) To cut your panel squares line your ruler up so that you are cutting 1/4" above (and below) the row of printed HSTs needed. There is a small amount of waste. Use this same rule when cutting the squares from the rows.

2) When making your blocks, there are 2 blocks - one where the triangles point toward the hypotenuse (cut & seam line) and one where they point away. Also the points will be slightly blunted when they point toward the seam.

3) The pattern gives 2 layout options due to the 2 different block thing, so when you are laying out the 4-patches (star quadrants) pay attention to how your blocks are oriented. Do NOT follow this example (#1 reason I shouldn't sew before 8 am).

However please know that if your block orientation isn't perfect (like mine), your quilt still turns out beautiful! (I bet you didn't even notice in the top picture.)

This panel also makes a great quilt as is or use it as a fun backing for your quilted goodies!

I'd love to see anything and everything you make so please tag me on social media (Facebook/Instagram) with @polkadotpeepquiltsetc or use the hashtags #starbritequilt or #hstsgalorepanel when you share.

If you use this pattern with a different panel, I'd love to see that too! I love to celebrate creativity!!

Have a great day & Be Blessed!


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