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Makeover your Chicken & Rice Casserole

Hi Friends!

On days that are cold and dreary I love to eat something that warms me through from head to toe - and Fiesta Casserole fits that bill!

This recipe is very inexpensive, uses easy to find ingredients, and is fairly quick to make. I remember learning to make the "original" chicken and rice casserole when I was a young teen. This version adds lots of flavor without really adding to the difficulty, so even your kids can make it!

Fiesta Casserole Recipe
Download PDF • 250KB

A friend of mine introduced me to this version quite a few years ago during our weekly girls night out, and I still make it to this day. She said her kids would eat anything that had corn in it - LOL! You can see the ingredients haven't changed much, but each one is slightly updated. And you can further tweak it to your family's preferences.

All of the ingredients are basically cooked in advance, so baking the casserole just makes all those yummy flavors meld together and of course melt the cheese!

I hope you enjoy this NEW Fiesta Casserole & leave me a comment below.

Be blessed & happy making!


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