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Today is a Beautiful Beginning... the final month of 2021! December is here and it is a busy and wonderful time of the year!! So much excitement for the holiday season, saying goodbye to the old, and hello to the upcoming year full of possibilities. Are you pumped?!

Hello Holiday Crunch Time!

So today is 12-1-21 (in short-hand that makes it a palindrome!) and that means there are 23ish shopping/making days left until Christmas! I hope you have started already. If you want to have some fun and make gifts, check out my Pinterest board "Diversify your Craftiness" for lots of ideas & how-tos (click the link below):

Some things you can find there include making heirloom/commemorative ornaments in a variety of mediums:

Cinnamon dough:

Salt dough with Essential Oils:

Cornstarch dough (bright white):

Making ornaments is not only a great way to decorate and make unique gifts, but it is also a fun activity for the family during time inside the house...snow days, school breaks, and family get togethers.

There also some great ideas for Gift Baskets,:

Mason Jar Projects,:

And Things to make with your Hot Glue Gun!:

These are just a little taste of what I have saved there for your I'm saving you from going down the Pinterest rabbit hole! Your welcome 😊

You can always follow my Pinterest boards by clicking on the Pinterest icon at the bottom of any page on my site and clicking "Follow."

Wrapping up 2021...

For me, that includes making a mad dash to the finish of my Year of WIPs. Of course I had (have) an EXTENSIVE list and starting a new business threw a curve into my plans, but I don't give any blessings back! So I have made progress on my list (I even added a new "progress" color) and finished a few things. I still have plenty to work on in the future.

Here is my most recent finish. This is the "flimsy" aka finished quilt top of #27 - Ugly Fabric Challenge Quilt. I used the Pound Cake pattern by Corey Yoder of Coriander Quilts. It gave me the opportunity to cut the vintage floral focus fabric (not ugly, but overwhelming) into smaller pieces and add punches of solids in each color (with satin ribbon) to tie it all together. I LOVE how it turned out!

What do you think? Would you be interested in doing a "Ugly Fabric" Quilt-Along Project in the future?

I'd love to hear your comments below.

Getting in Gear for the New Year

With all the things going on this month, there's not much time for looking ahead most likely. But I do want to get things organized and use some scheduling tools and "batching" to do a better job on some things.

For example, I am always thinking of my friends, family, and followers during the holidays, but I almost never get a chance to stop and post on my social media. So I am going to use my Planoly App to schedule all the holiday posts for 2022.

Something else (probably more applicable to you) is wishing "Happy Birthday," "Happy Anniversary," and "Happy Holidays" to people in your life. My grandmother was great at sending cards to people to celebrate special days - I think cards are still fun to receive in the mail.

So the plan is to get/make cards now (or soon), get them ready to send (signed, stamped, etc), sticky note the send date on them, and then put them with your calendar or somewhere where they won't get lost and you will see/remember to send them. You can even put reminders on your phone calendar.

I do also have a board for getting organized with downloadables and ideas, so you can be prepared to be more organized next year - LOL!

Here's the link:

Final thoughts...

What's Red, White, and Beautiful all over?

Stay tuned for more details on "Nothing But Love" Block of the Month coming to you in 2022!!

Be Blessed My Friends, talk to you soon!

- Tara


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