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And just like that... it's October!

Is it just me or are the days flying by at warp speed?! I really feel like it was June a few days ago... but alas it is not. So grab a cup of something and let's catch up my friend!

Hi friends! Boy did my summer get BUSY! You may recall my last post was about who is in control of your life. Well when prayers are answered and God's plan goes into action...stand back! I started managing a bait shop (in conjunction with my husband running a commercial shrimp boat) and that basically took over my every waking moment. While it is an answer to prayers, it has also been a huge learning curve and major endeavor on my part to do this along with my boat duties, home, life, and quilting. Guess which thing went on the back-burner?

Checking in on 2021 projects . . .

I had intended the clean-along I was doing to wrap up in June with outside cleaning chores - cleaning siding, driveways and sidewalks, gutters, gardens, and cars. Which I did do some before it got too hot, and I definitely think Fall is a great time to do these things as well. Instead of a printable, I'm just going to give you some Pinterest links and a few of my favorite things.

Cleaning the car interior:

I also used a mopping trick when washing the outsides of my car and RV - have 2 buckets: a clean soapy water bucket and a dirty soapy rinse bucket! That way you're not wiping dirty soapy water back on your exterior. Genius!

And I really don't clean my concrete much because I love the way it gets dirty :)

but here are some tips in case your concrete sidewalk, driveway, or floor needs cleaning:

I also LOVE the Windex Outdoor Cleaner that screws onto your water hose for cleaning your house exterior - it gets off all the bugs, moss, etc!

Nothing better than a grandbaby & chalk!

And one more tip that is actually timely (yay) in getting ready for cooler weather:

What happened to my WIPs...

  • I did get a few things moved along - finished my taxes, pieced my Haunted House and FPP Pumpkin runners, and released a new pattern!

  • I also did a few quick "labors of love" projects for gifts - a rainbow dresden shirt and a reversible wall hanging using panels.

  • And even squeaked in a few visits with the grandbabies!

Lessons Learned & Moving Ahead...

With cooler weather and additional staff, I am managing to carve out a little more time to do all the things, so I look forward to getting back in the quilting groove and such. Plus it's one of the best times of year for weather, cooking, family, and all the goodies!

Please know when you have these busy, stressful life chapters, you are NOT alone. It is SO important to cut yourself some slack when life gets busy. AND also make (& take) time for yourself otherwise you can get sick, have horrible anxiety and stress, lose sleep, and generally stop enjoying life.

Remember "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

- Matthew 19:26


I'd love to hear what you did or made this summer (especially since you could get out and do things)!

'Til next time - take care & be blessed my friends,



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