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A Day of Remembrance

The latter half of the year is a great time to celebrate with friends and family! All of the holidays, sporting events, and school activities provide many social opportunities. But what about celebrating and remembering those that are no longer with us? Well there are days for that too - like today - All Saints' Day or Day of the Dead (Dia de las Muertos).

Hi y'all! I know everybody is usually in the mood for all things, pumpkin, colorful leaves, and cool weather right now, but let's also take a moment to talk about celebrating your friends and family.

What is Day of the Dead or All Saints' Day?

Today is a special day devoted to remembering and celebrating the lives of those who have gone to live with the Lord. Now it's not just for celebrating the saints, we remember our loved ones too. It is good to remember them with joy, not just sadness. So I encourage you today to lift your spirits up and share some joyful memories of those who have passed. Here are some ideas:

  • Look at pictures - My Grandma loved making albums of pictures, recipes, newspaper clippings, and cards for many of us.

  • Sing special songs - My Dad use to sing a bit of "Oh What a Beautiful Morning" by Gordon MacRae to me when he took me to school.

  • Make favorite foods

  • Tell stories or read/listen to favorite books - I made recordable books for each of my grandkids, plus my Grandma, Mom, and a few kids have made ones for me too. It's great to hear someone's voice when you miss them!

  • Snuggle a quilt (or other handmade item) or make a "Memory" quilt

  • Have a party

  • Call a friend or family member

  • Light a candle

  • Display some flowers

  • Say a prayer

  • Share a favorite activity - "On the boat or fishing with Papaw"

Make Memories & Celebrate Every Day

I know for myself this very day or idea is one of the driving forces for ME to make scrapbooks, quilts, special foods, audiobooks, and other family traditions. I hope that one day my loved ones will be able to have fond memories of our time together and know that I am never too far away and that I love them forever and always. Plus there is too much to celebrate while we are together to limit it to just a few days!

I know there are lots of other great ideas for memory-making on the internet or Pinterest for special activities, journals, and mementos, so if nothing else take a moment to find some inspiration today.

I'd LOVE to hear about your special traditions and keepsakes. Share with me in the comments.

Until next time... Be Blessed my friends!


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