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Conquering Works In Progress

I find the beginning of the year to be a crazy time - full of hope, motivation, and lots of goals and deadlines! New Year goals and motivation make January a good month to get things done, but what happens after that...?!

Well a few weeks ago (end of January) some of my friends signed up for a challenge #50daysofWIPS with Jocelyn of @flyinggoosestudio (on Instagram or click this Flying Goose Studio website link) that started on February 1st and lasts until March 22nd.

Initially I thought there is NO WAY I can work on only Works In Progress (WIPs) for 50 days, but then I read the blog posts and words of encouragement from Jocelyn, and my view on WIPs expanded. So I decided to join in the fun because I feel like I am staying much more focused on my goals while I am working on this challenge (and it feels more fun)!

Here's what changed...I am considering anything that I have bought supplies for making or spent time working on previously as a "Work in Progress". I also expanded my WIPs to include non-quilty things like a scrapbook for my niece and nephew that I've been working on for 5+ years, completing my taxes for this year BEFORE the deadline, pattern writing (as long as it is a project started in my planning software), and other projects for my business and my husband's business and boat.

Therefore I will most likely be expanding my 50 day challenge to a 365 day challenge (or more) since my WIP list is already at 64 and that was just off the top of my head, and not actually looking at my storage bins! 😂

Now there are many organization tools out there and project checklists - find one that works for you. I modified the one provided with the challenge to make it work for me (and I am sharing it with you) here:

WIP Tracker
Download XLSX • 32KB

So that is what I have been up to this month, and I feel good so far. I feel like progress is being made (9 items = 5 projects in 3 weeks), and if I keep at it all year long it would be SUPER AWESOME (plus lots of people will get long-awaited gifts and my store will be full)!

If you want to join along any time in the next 365 days or so...that would be lovely! Tag me #WIP365 or leave a comment and I'll cheer you on. Since there are no rules, you can even go shopping, buy something new, and then join me just for some company - LOL.

I can't wait to share more progress with you!

Be Blessed & wishing you lots of progress!


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