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Enjoy the Little Things

Greetings! I'm coming back to you after a brief & unexpected break to take care of one of my grandchildren. When opportunity knocks...I try to always say YES!

Which leads me to today's topic...stop and enjoy life's simple pleasures.

It is SO refreshing & energizing to take time to do simple fun things like blow bubbles, color with chalk, and go to the playground! I know the weather is not necessarily the best in December, but snap up those opportunities! It's ok if you need a jacket, rain boots, or suntan lotion (depending on your season).

You know there are health benefits to breathing fresh air (even if it's cold), laughing, and definitely for pushing a swing! No to mention how much your child, friend, or fur-baby will enjoy spending time with you!

If it's too yucky to go out - you can blow bubbles inside, color, or have fun making dinner or cookies!

Or if you are keeping your distance - make a phone call, send a funny video or picture, and mail your "colorings" the old-fashioned way.

I simply want to say - don't get so busy getting everything done - work, meals, gifts, and decorations to forget to appreciate why you are doing all of those things - your family and friends! A gift of time is still a GIFT!

With all that's going on these days...Don't miss the MAGIC!

'Til next time - Happy Holidays & Be blessed my friends!


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