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Fear Not - It's a New Day with a New Adventure!

At the beginning of this year, I had a dream to start a website/blog, but I wasn't sure what I had to share. Then the world went topsy-turvy and everything got scary and confusing. And that's when I started having ideas of things to share, but I was still unsure, still scared to start.

So today I take the try something new. I know I'm not alone in this endeavor. I haven't seen the news, so I don't know what has changed since I went to sleep. But no matter what, I am ready to NOT be afraid to start a new day, a new journey, a new opportunity for something wonderful to happen. I have faith that there will be others who will want to be inspired by what inspires me, others who want to play along with me in fun crafting and cooking projects, others who can find value in a new idea or point of view from an experience of mine.

I warn you - I am not super-technologically gifted, so you may bear witness to many changes on this site before the year's end, but I can't let my desire "for everything to be perfect before I can start" to hold me back any longer.

So welcome to my patchwork life on Polka Dot Peep - I can't wait to share and communicate with you!

Have a blessed day! - Tara

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