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Let's Make a Quilt - Get Prepped!

Greetings Friends!

As promised I am adding some insight and tips into the making of this quilt - My Cup Runneth Over. Today's topics are fabric selection and cutting.

Free pattern go here:

Choosing Fabric:

I like multicolored, scrappy looks even on a 2 color quilt. In my opinion you can never have too many colors, so use as many colors and patterns as you like! Just make sure your total colored fabric for tumblers equals 2.5 yards. But I would suggest the minimum be three fabrics for your tumblers, and 2 fabrics for your strips.

Cutting It Up:

I highly recommend getting a template from your local quilt shop. If that's not an option, you can order one online - I got mine from Missouri Star Quilt Co. Or if you prefer you can download this paper template to use. If that is your route, I would suggest you place your template on your fabric and then place your ruler on top, so you have a good edge to run your rotary cutter along. If you don't have a rotary cutting system, then just pin the paper template to your strip and cut around it with scissors.

5 in Tumbler Template
Download PDF • 167KB

My next tip for cutting the fabric using your plastic template, is finger placement to prevent sliding while cutting - place fingers along the edges of template to help prevent your template from moving while you cut. Also downward pressure is important. Sometimes your cutting surface is too tall and even though you're pressing down you're really pressing forward a little which cause your template to move.

And lastly, cutting those half-tumblers can be tricky. So place your shape on the cutting mat with corners of shape touching corners on mat. You need to cut vertically 2.5" in from the wider "base" of your tumbler. So place your 2.5" ruler line over the line that is marking your bigger corner. (see below-it's tricky to explain)

Any comments or questions are welcome, and I will answer directly or on the next post. And YES I am making a Christmas version!

Cutting irregularities will result in sewing errors due to the angles, and possibly wonky rows. So take your time while you cut those tumblers.

Happy sewing & have a blessed day! - Tara

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